Commercial exchanges

Business exchanges are part of our daily life: on a more and more global scale, they interact with our lives on every continent.

These photos illustrate the humanity which remains at the heart of economic development, from retail businesses to traditional artisans…

Shops of the World

Colourful markets

Traditional crafts

© Olivier Philippot - Commercial exchanges - Photo shops of the world - Peru Cuzco
Peru - Cuzco
© Olivier Philippot - Commercial exchanges - Photo Colourful markets - Istanbul Jasmine
Istanbul - Jasmine
© Olivier Philippot - Commercial exchanges - Photo Traditional crafts - Burma Inle Lake
Burma - Inle Lake

Whether they are called outlets, drugstores or retail shops…


From the hip New York boutique to the Burmese stall, the stores offer both typical and unusual scenes of day-to-day life…




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The uncovered or open-air markets are great places of exchanges and meetings…

From the colorful markets in Asia to South America, it is very pleasant to taste all the flavours of these markets. Although they can be very rough, they certainly reflect a way of life, a level of development of a country and how a society evolves.

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Using ancient knowledge and local raw materials, craftspeople perpetuate a tradition of quality disappearing with industrialization.


These handmade works remain beautiful and genuine.




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